Products and service advantages

Products and service advantages

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Sunward has self-run overseas warehouses in all major ports of the United States and can provide one-stop warehousing and distribution services for the entire North American region. We will provide the sellers with satisfying services in no matter busy or off season, no matter how is the weight and volume of the goods. We can not only help Chinese sellers to achieve localized marketing and reduce logistics operating costs, but also provide buyers after-sales consulting services of localized products for the seller, so as to improve buyer satisfaction.
Sunward owns grade-A freight forwarding business qualification issued by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, can arrange international shipping, air transport, courier services as well as supporting LCL, warehousing, land transport trailers, customs brokerage, import and export agency services, etc. for you. Moreover, we also provide customers with a complete set of destination port to door logistics and transport service including customs clearance and delivery.
 What we can do for you:
1. Ensure direct cargo space booking channel, competitive freight rates and diverse voyage schedules for choice.
2. Our professional operating team will make an analysis to each step of customers’ process, then put forward effective programs and check relevant documents in advance to ensure the integrity of documents and guarantee customers’ interests.
3. We can provide safe and reliable transportation services in inland China, including standard container transportation, special container transportation and bulk cargo transportation.
4. We can transport your goods to our warehouses in Shanghai, Qingdao, Tianjin and Shenzhen. When the goods arrive at these warehouses, we will check the basic information of your goods, inspect the quality of goods, sort goods and repack them according to the goods information you provide in the earliest possible time.
5. We, relying on our grade-A customs broker qualification as well as long-term cooperation relationships with the customs and commodity inspection departments, can provide you with rapid customs clearance services and commodity pre-classification services. If you need, we can also apply for export license, commodity inspection port clearance, certificate of origin, Form A, storage inspection, SGS inspection and other services for you. Sunward is specially engaged in trading agency registered in the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC and can provide you with trading agency services.
6. After the goods are shipped, we will update the dynamic information of your goods regularly and timely and send you the arrival notification a week before the goods reach the destination port.
7. Our branch in the USA can apply for clearance for you upon the arrival of your goods. Meanwhile, we can also help you to pay tariffs, and provide trading agency services and IOR application service for you.
8. Our American branch has a long-term motorcade partner, so we can send your goods to you faster and more safely.
9. We have set up a consulting service team that works around the clock
Trading agency service
Sunward is specially engaged in trading agency registered in the Ministry of Commerce of the PRC. In the mean time, Sunward is also a legal importer registered in the USA and has its own importer code (9914O0433) and IOR registration number (142720-09255).
Independently developed cross-border E-commerce logistics platform
      1. Customer registration online
      2. Commodity registration, including Chinese and English commodity names, volume, weight, price, images and detailed description
      3. Generate SKU NO automatically
      4. Inventory management
      5. Recharge, deduction, balance inquiry
      6. New arrivals
      7. Order generation
      8.Order picking
      9.Sold out
      10.Print express waybill
      11.Arrange express transportation
      12.Provide express waybill number to the seller


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