Amazon transshipment

Amazon transshipment


Amazon FBA Transshipment

What is FBA transshipment service?
Generally, FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is drop-shipping business offered by Amazon, mainly referring to warehousing and distribution services.




According to interviews to more than 20 senior executives of cross-border e-commerce enterprises, it is concluded that Amazon FBA transshipment mainly has the following three pain points:
Pain points:
High price
Not uniform service
Difficult overseas clearance

Sunward solution::
A A Direct service from China (express, air and sea transportation)br /> B B Stored in overseas warehouse and then transfer

1. Instant quotation
In traditional business, for inquiries of the USA port to the destination warehouse, you may need to inquire transnationally. Because of time difference and various other reasons, communication cannot be carried out timely and the efficiency is low.

2.Direct service
Sunward has entered into strategic cooperation with more than 50 public warehouses around the USA. We will select the best route and a nearby FBA warehouse for you. Truck companies we use all serve Amazon professionally, so they are familiar with all the distribution requirements and ensure to make an appointment and deliver goods to you in 3 days after customs clearance.


3 Labeling agency, binning packaging, palletized delivery
Sunward’s professional Amazon service team, with years of experience in operating FBA goods as well as all-round understanding to Amazon, print and stick corresponding labels of every product in a standard manner according to the requirements of Amazon FBA codes, then sort and pack by box according to the variety of quantity of products you put to storage, palletize and deliver them to Amazon warehouse designated by the customer.




4. IOR application agency
In order to assist customers in customs clearance and reduce issues caused by clearance, tax payment and the like, Sunward will take no charge to help customers to apply for the USA’s IOR Code and Bond No. Only with registration costs, your American importer record will be more complete, which will promote your business development.

5. Return service
Sunward’s professional return system (RMA system) solves all kinds of parcel returns and helps customers to re-operate, re-deliver goods, re-warehousing, etc., reducing the high costs of returning to China to process and shortening the processing efficiency. In the mean time, for goods required to return to China for repair, Sunward has a periodic return goods transportation line and transport these goods back in FCL, which will greatly reduce the logistics costs compared with single transportation.

6.Direct air and express delivery service
Sunward has signed with Amazon and other three courier companies as well as a number of airlines and enjoys advantaged prices. We can provide you with door-to-door direct FBA warehouse business and ensure your goods will arrive at the FBA warehouse and go on sale rapidly

7. Overseas warehouse
Sunward has its own overseas warehouses in the east and west coasts of the United States, as well as a professional localized warehouse management team and warehousing system. So we can provide you with one-stop efficient and safe services and places for your FBA changing or returning, FBA warehouse rollover and after-sales services. Sunward is right the central control platform of your logistics in the whole journey and lets your American orders fly at a rapid speed!

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